Finally, a guide that will help you raise capital without sounding sleazy, salesy, or desperate.
Discover these 20 institutional-grade strategies to add urgency to your capital raise.
This 25-page guide is ideal for founders, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, venture capitalists, fund managers, or any other professional capital raiser so you can pace your investors appropriately to get them to invest faster into your opportunities. 
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20 Ways to Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise
Without Sounding Desperate

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Are you a founder, entrepreneur, CEO, or real estate investor looking to raise capital for your opportunity? Do you struggle with incorporating urgency into your capital raise without sounding desperate or pushy? Look no further than Calling The Capital: How To Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise Without Sounding Desperate, the latest addition to the Kindle series.

This 31-page guidebook provides institutional-grade strategies to help you put a sense of urgency into your investors and LPs. You'll learn how to craft a defined strategy and narrative around your opportunity, making it more compelling to your potential investors.

But this guide isn't just for founders and CEOs. Investment managers, venture capitalists, private equity professionals, and anyone raising capital around commercial real estate will also benefit from the lessons and strategies outlined in this handbook.

In today's competitive landscape, it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of potential investors. And that's exactly what Calling The Capital will help you do. With clear and concise guidance, you'll learn how to integrate meaningful urgency into any investment opportunity, ensuring that your deals never look stale or uninteresting to your investors.

So whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, this guidebook is a must-have for anyone looking to raise capital in a thoughtful, effective, and compelling way. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your capital raise to the next level. 

Order your copy of Calling The Capital today and start incorporating urgency into your capital raise like a pro.

Here's What You'll Discover

  • The difference between being persuasive and manipulative using examples, so you know how to act in front of investors without sacrificing your credibility
  • Strategy #2 is something you must always use so your deal never gets stale if you’re raising money for a real estate deal or a fund
  • ​If you’re a start-up or an entrepreneur, you’ll never want to talk to another investor again without using Strategy #8
  • Real estate investors who are competing over returns will be able to shut down their competitors with Strategy #10, so your investors know exactly what to expect without you having to use any number to guarantee a return and put yourself at risk.
  • ​If you’re looking to raise money faster, then Strategy #9 will raise the stakes so high that no investor will be able to resist. 
  • Real estate investors who know that their life depends on raising capital will want to memorize Strategy #1, Strategy #18, and Strategy #7.
  • Strategy #7 will allow you to brag about your CEOs and Founders in a way so your investors immediately feel comfortable with the leaders in your deal. 
  • ​Some of the most effective closing email lines are on Page 22, so you can sound charismatic but firm with your investors when expressing urgency. 

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Sal is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on real estate finance at professional symposia and has written numerous articles on the topic of real estate and private equity finance in various publications, including Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, and on television shows such as CBS New York, and Good Morning LaLa Land.
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